Abi and Joseph yoga clothes

by avocadoandlemon

I don’t normally post these kind of things on this blog, but I stumbled across this competition today, and would absolutely love to win some of these beautiful yoga clothes. I’ve become a little obsessed with finding the perfect pair of tights, or a top that works on the yoga mat and off. I like to joke with some of my friends that I’m always one step away from being yoga ready. Abi and Joseph have some really lovely stuff.

Abi and Joseph are Australian — and I’m all for supporting clever Australian people. Especially if they’re clever yoga-type people.

To enter this competition, I have to post up here a link to my favourite bits and pieces from Abi and Joseph. Easy! You could enter too.

I love tights. But Abi and Joseph have some other amazing yoga pants. Like these ones.

The tops are a little harder. There are quite a few good ones. But I’d like to win this one.

As for the camisole, well the classic one is my favourite.

And finally, I am a huge fan of non-slip socks. I prefer bare feet to feet in shoes, but in winter my toes get cold. Non-slip socks are the perfect solution. I can keep my feet warm but still tuck them underneath me comfortably.

If you’re in the market for some new yoga or pilates gear, it’s worth checking these guys out.